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She dances until dawn
The Daughter of the Moon
Watch her graceful form
She moves to her own tune

Emerging from the mist
As softly as a deer
She likes to keep you guessing
Where next she might appear

Her long dark flowing hair
Takes on a silver hue
Her eyes reflect like water
The depths that lie in you

Her face alight with wonder
She sways on fertile ground
She sheds her garb with ritual ease
Her form is full and round

When solar rays take center stage
She creeps away to hide
Retreating like a flower
Emerging like the tide

Entranced with her performance
You follow timidly
Deep into the forest
Where lies great Mystery

She feels her way in darkness
Reclaiming a lost art
When you follow in her footsteps
You learn the rhythm of her heart

Dancing in the garden
Whirling in the grove
The labyrinth awaits you
Go find your treasure trove

© Jilaine Tarisa 2013