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A Moment of Time

Venture into the high-stakes world of Washington lawyers

     When Justice Department attorney Caitlin Rose investigates claims that a vaccine preservative is causing adverse effects in children, her boss, Neil Morton, fears that his behind-the-scenes lobbying on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry might be discovered. A reporter's daughter, Caitlin is determined to expose the truth―and Neil is determined to protect his interests. They can't both win, but they might both lose.

     Neil pressures Caitlin to take time off while he seeks an overhaul of the laws governing vaccines. Caitlin travels to Ireland, where she meets up with her unconventional friend Kimo, a former client who is studying to be a naturopathic doctor. After an inexplicable encounter with an enigmatic figure causes her to question her assumptions about life and her understanding of religion, Caitlin's paradigm shift begins. But before she can act upon her newfound principles, Neil summons Sam Burns―and disaster is sure to follow.

    A story about finding your voice, speaking your truth, and following your dreams, A Moment of Time portrays one woman's quest for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

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